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Our Dentists in Cape Town Help You Love Your Smile

With the gradual rise in temperature, everyone is getting that summer feeling, including our dentists in Cape Town.

However, with longer days and warm evenings, you may be inclined to be more festive, active and social during the summer months.

This is why oral hygiene routines become even more important during these times to prevent any unwanted dental issues from arising.

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Tips from our Dentists in Cape Town for the Perfect Summer Smile

We have put together a few important tips for you to ensure you look after your smile all summer long.

Plan Ahead

The last thing you want to be dealing with on your summer holiday is a dental related problem. So, to make sure you stay smiling, book a check-up with one of our dentists in Claremont before you depart on your summer adventures.

This gives you the chance to attend to any issues or to take the necessary steps to prevent a potential problem from arising.

A thorough clean with an oral hygienist is also a good way to make sure your teeth stay squeaky clean all summer long.

Don’t Deviate

Stick to your existing oral hygiene routine. Whether you are out with your friends for sundowners and tapas or at home watching a movie marathon, there is no need to skip your daily brushes or flossing.

Remember, best practice is two minutes of brushing twice a day and, ideally, you should floss after every meal.

Avoid Damaging your Teeth

Your teeth aren’t tools for opening bottles or tearing open plastic packets. Nor are they there to carry items when your hands are too full.

When the enamel around your teeth is compromised, it will cause countless dental problems including toothache and cavities.

Furthermore, enamel is not able to regenerate, so once damaged, you will require cosmetic dentistry and other dental procedures to repair it.

Lastly, take extra care when partaking in contact sports that could result in one or more of your teeth getting damaged or knocked out completely. This can be prevented by wearing a good quality gum guard.

Stay Properly Hydrated

Your general health and dental health depend on you keeping yourself hydrated the right way. Alcohol and other beverages can dehydrate you and can cause damage to your teeth when consumed excessively.

Summer Foods Good for Teeth - Watch What You Eat

Be wary of consuming food high in acid and sugar or hard foods such as nuts, fruits with pips, olives and meat with bones in it.

Summertime usually calls for light snacking, and sometimes these snacks can be hard enough to crack your teeth if you're not careful enough.

A good addition to your summer snacks is watermelon as it has a high-water content so it will help you stay hydrated, while satisfying your craving for something sweet.

Cloud Nine Dental – Cosmetic Dentistry and Dentists in Cape Town

We love summer as much as you do, but we love your teeth even more. There are many tips on keeping your teeth fresh and ready for summer.

For more information on dental health or to book a consultation with one of our dentists in Cape Town, please contact us.


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